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Step 1: Field Survey

Our installation process starts with a detailed evaluation of each customers needs. These needs are determined at the site visit and include:

Water Consumption Review

Review of customer water consumption needs (based on actual usage as shown in the customer water bill).

Quality Report Review

Review recent water quality reports that are published by the water department in the customers town.

Filter System Placement

Review, with the customer, of the physical space (in the home) where the filtration system is to be installed.

Existing System Review

Evaluation of the existing water piping to determine the connection points for the filtration system.

Field Survey Sheet Completed

Completion of a detailed field survey sheet.

Step 2: System Assembly

Each filtration and pressure regulation system is then assembled in our facility in Hanover, MA using code compliant materials and components. Our systems are built using Type “L” copper piping and fittings (we also use PEX and stainless steel flexible tubing for specific purposes such as testing). After factory assembly, each system is pressure tested to ensure leak free operation.

Step 3: Home Installation

Finally, the assembled systems are then mounted in your home or business. Connections to your water supply piping are made by a licensed and insured plumber. Our firm can provide this service or you can hire a plumber of your choice. This ensures a fully code compliant system.

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